Northern New York Local Section

NENM 2018 Registration

Please register through this ACS registration page. Alternatively, you may complete this sheet and send it to Kim Savage at (email) or 202-872-6128 (fax).

Rates are shown in the table below, and include registration, hotel (2 nights) and food.  Rates are also listed in this printable sheetEarly bird rates have been extended until May 4th, after which registration will continue (at the full rate) until all rooms have been filled.

Double, triple and quad occupancy are available for students (undergrads & grads) and postdocs from the same lab or school. 

We understand that attending conferences can be costly. To help reduce expenses, students may elect to share a room with fellow student attendees (from the same university or organization) using these steps below:

1.      One registrant must complete the online registration

2.      Select Housing Package (select from Single, Double, Triple, Quad Occupancy)

3.      Credit card information is required to reserve rooms.

4.      If you are sharing a room, send an email to, with your roommate(s) name, email, and dates/times for arrival and departure.

5.      NENM/ACS will provide a confirmation number for reservations and payment processing details by email one week prior to your arrival.


By submitting this form, you are confirming that you are student and/or affiliate of the organization listed on your registration form.

Full payment is required at the time of registration. NERM/ACS assumes no liability NENM/ACS assumes no responsibility if expected occupancy is not met or roommates cancel or do not show.

If you need to cancel your registration, requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to and received no later than May 21.  All refunds are subject to a twenty-five dollars ($25.00) administrative fee.



The NENM/ACS is not responsible for screening roommates, does not get involved in financial arrangements between roommates or between roommates and the hotel, and makes no guarantees of any kind about compatibility, trustworthiness, etc. Persons who reserve rooms and occupy rooms at the hotel are financially obligated to pay for those rooms regardless of whether or not a roommate comes through. Please remember that if you sign up as a roommate, you create an obligation to the person with whom you share a room. If the other party in your unit cancels or does not show up at the conference, you are responsible for the full unit rate for the entire stay. The ABA is not responsible for incorrect or insufficient information. The NENM/ACS and the Crowne Plaza Lake Placid are exempt from any liability that may result from sharing a room. Roommates are responsible to arrange contingency agreements, such as late arrivals, early departures, and cancellations, which will affect their shared sharing.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to confirm details with your roommate and highly recommended roommates confirm with each other the day before arrival. In the event your roommate does not show up at the hotel, you will be responsible for the room charges in full.


Early Bird registration for both days (till 5/4/18)

Rates for Registration + Hotel + Food (2 days)

 Single Occupancy

 Double Occupancy Triple Occupancy Quadruple Occupancy
Undergraduate member $500
 $380 $350 $330
Undergraduate non-member
 $530 $410 $380 $360
Graduate student or postdoc member
 $550 $430 $400 $380
Graduate student or postdoc non-member $600 $480 $450 $430
Full member rate  $600   
General non-member
Emeritus, 50 year member or Unemployed  $500   

Guest Inclusive of Meals – 2 Days - $250.00.  If sharing your room with a guest, please register at the single occupancy rate.  Please contact the organizers to register your guest.


Early Bird registration for one day only (till 5/4/18)

 Rates for Registration + Hotel + Food (1 day only) Single Occupancy Double OccupancyTriple Occupancy Quadruple Occupancy 
 Undergraduate member $335 $255 $235 $220
 Undergraduate non-member $355 $275 $255 $240
 Graduate student or postdoc member $370 $290 $270 $255
 Graduate student or postdoc non-member $400 $320 $300 $285
 Full member rate  $400   
 General non-member $435   
 Emeritus, 50 year Member or Unemployed

Guest Inclusive of Meals – 1 Day - $150.00.  If sharing your room with a guest, please register at the single occupancy rate.  Please contact the organizers to register your guest.


Regular registration (after 5/4/18, until all rooms are filled)

 Rates for Registration + Hotel + Food Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Triple OccupancyQuadruple Occupancy
 Undergraduate member $550 $430 $400 $380
 Undergraduate non-member  $600 $480 $450 $430
 Graduate student or postdoc member $600 $480 $450 $430
 Graduate student or postdoc non-member $650 $530 $500 $480
 Full member rate $650   
 General non-member $700   

Regular rate prices for one day packages will be posted after 5/4/18, and are available in this PDF.  For more information on registrration or on the conference, contact Fadi Bou-Abdallah ( or Martin Walker (