Northern New York Local Section

NENM2018 Poster session


Alexandre H. Pinto of Ithaca College presents his winning poster at NENM 2018

General Posters Session

Saturday, June 2, 2018, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Poster competition winners:

1st place: #41, Alexandre H. Pinto, Ihaca College

2nd place: #10, Abraham Samuel, Clarkson University

3rd place, #48, 


Poster titles

8. Lipid-modified, self-assembling cell-penetrating peptide micelles for co-delivery of narciclasine and siULK1 in hepatocellular carcinoma therapy. W. Huang, B. Han, C. Peng

9. Interactions and toxicity of metal oxide particles and chemical aditives in chemical mechanical planarization. E. Dumitrescu, D. Karunaratne, K. Wallace, E. Andreescu

10. 3D printed hydrogel-based biosensors for biomedical applications. A. Samuel, A. Othman, E. Andreescu

11. Salt-templated copper-platinum alloy macrotube synthesis. F. Burpo, E.A. Nagelli, S.F. Bartolucci, J.P. McClure, A. Losch, D. Chu

12. Materials characterization for functionalized Prussian blue carbon nanotube cathodes. L. Je, C. Smart, S. Belli

13. 3D coordination polymer constructed from thiophene-2,5-dicarboxylate and 1,4-bis(2-isopropyl-1H-imidazol-1-yl)benzene. H. Erer, O.Z. Yesilel, M. Arici

14. Biochemical sensing circuits based on DNA-scaffolded proximity assembly. S. Oh, T. Zhang, A. Pereira, A. Lane, J. Fu

15. Terpene chain length-necessity on base pairing discrimination of nature’s selection S-geranyl-2-thiouridine. P. Haruehanroengra, S.V. Ranganathan, J. Sheng

16. Interfacial and rapid addition polyaniline nanofiber synthetic methods: A comparative study. H. Moustakas, J.J. Belbruno

17. Studying the kinetics and inhibition of the G-quadruplex/hemin DNAzyme complex. R. Maloney, T. Brown, J. Fu

18. Synthesis of tungsten disulfide nano-porous film and the effect of its orientation and bonding on solar energy conversion behavior. T. Yan, P. Rao

19. Improved efficiency of photoelectrochemical water splitting using tin disulfide photoanodes. B. Giri, P. Rao

20. Design of a library of cationic cellulose nanocrystals as potential vaccine adjuvants. A.C. Rabideau, C. Smith, B. Tuga, P. Anderson, A. Sabra, K. Ckless, R. Sunasee

21. Application of gold nanostars for controlled drug release. L. Running, O. Addams, A. Jones, M.R. Hepel

22. Electrochemical analysis of polyethylenimine-capped silver nanoparticles in various pH environments. K. Kirk, A. Karimi, E. Andreescu

23. Controlled-delivery nanocarriers for treatment of advanced melanoma: Monitoring dabrafenib release using surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy (SERS). L. Running, R. Espinal, M.R. Hepel

24. Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy (SERS) studies of targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs. T.M. Durgan, T. Santiago, M.R. Hepel

25. Design and development of a paper-based biosensor for food quality monitoring. F.M. Mustafa, A. Othman, E. Andreescu

26. Nanoparticle-based antioxidant analysis of mushroom extracts: Preliminary testing of mushroom variety, brew time, and re-infusion. E. Sharpe, T. Huber, M. Walker, S. Ludlam, E. Andreescu, R. Bradley

27. Novel colorimetric-based sensor using organic dyes for detection and screening of ceria nanoparticles. A. Othman, E. Andreescu

28. Conductive nanostructured silk fibroin materials. A.N. Mitropoulos, J. Wang, R. Sims, K. Woronowicz, J.K. Wickiser, F. Burpo, E.A. Nagelli

29. Synthesis and base pairing studies of 5-cyanomethyl uridine (cnm5U) and 5-cyano uridine (cn5U) in RNA duplexes. S. Mao

30. Synthesis and crystal structure studies of 2'-5'-linked RNA duplexes. F. Shen

31. Synthesis and characterization of 5-Fluorouracil-cellulose nanocrystals conjugates as anti-cancer agents. A. Pacherille, R. Armony, R. Sunasee

32. Polyethylene glycol as novel reaction medium for the microwave synthesis of metal-organic frameworks. C.R. Reed, M.M. Hoffmann, T. Taras, C. Forsyth, J. Zagari

33. Functional DNA/RNA nanostructures as drug delivery vehicles. V.A. Valsangkar, A.R. Chandrasekaran, P. Haruehanroengra, L. Zhuo, L. Clark, S. Mao, K. Halvorsen, J. Sheng

34. Natural and laboratory-synthesized nanoparticles: Characteristics of Al-nano-goethite and Zn1-xCdxS coprecipitates, and retention of glyphosate at the nano-Mn-oxide interface. C.E. Martinez, B. Azimzadeh, M.B. McBride

35. Electrochemical investigation of lead ions adsorption on TiO2 nanoparticles: Effect of environmental composition and particle surface. F.H. Narouei, K. Kirk, E. Andreescu

36. Radical-mediated thiol-ene polymerizations using Pickering stabilization via colloidal nanosilica. K.J. Cassidy, D.A. Shipp

37. Polyanhydrides that exhibit reconfigurable shape-memory and self-healing through dynamic covalent exchange. K.R. Tillman, A.M. Witkowski, R. Meacham, S. Matalon, D.A. Shipp

38. Synthesis and characterization of gradient copolymers made by semi-batch reversible-deactivation radical emulsion polymerizations. I. Alshehri, D.A. Shipp

39. Characterization of nanoparticle size distributions and aspect ratio through single-particle tracking and analytical ultracentrifugation. X. Gong, M. Park, D. Parviz, M. Strano

40. Silver nanoparticle catalysts for nitrile hydration: effects of various stabilizing ligands. E. Downs, S. Laleme, Q. Wold

41. Kinetic study of the adsorption of methylene blue onto chitosan: Evidence for non-Arrhenius behavior. A.H. Pinto, J. Kellner-Rogers

42. Effect of microwave irradiation on catalytic properties of vanadium oxide nanoparticles supported by zirconia and alumina in heterogeneous gas phase oxidation of 3-picoline to nicotinic acid. Y. Alkayeva, M. Shabashkevich, A. Rosen, A. Shutilov, G. Zenkovets

43. Superhydrophilic and underwater superolephobic green membrane. Z. Ashrafi

44. Cyclic voltammetry of Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction centers on carbon-based composite electrodes and implications for photocurrent generation. A. Gong, G. Milanesa, J. Stephen, E.A. Nagelli, F. Burpo, K. Woronowicz

45. 3D graphene/platinum nanotube hybrid composite electrodes via electrostatic self-assembly for supercapacitor applications. E.A. Nagelli, G. Milanesa, J. Wang, A.B. Vu, B. Petrella, K. Woronowicz, A. Mirtopoulous, F. Burpo