Northern New York Local Section

National Chemistry Week 2017


In accordance with this year’s theme, Clarkson’s Dr. Dana Barry presented a hands-on workshop about rocks and minerals at St. Mary’s School in Canton.  She mentioned that rocks are made of minerals and discussed the three main rock types (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) with the fifth and sixth graders. Then the students used magnifiers, magnets, etc. to analyze and characterize a variety of rocks and minerals. They also had an opportunity to prepare simple 3-D models of the mineral halite (NaCl) using toothpicks and candy. 

In addition, the American Chemical Society's pamphlets (for “Chemistry Rocks”) were distributed to teachers and students at St. Mary’s School, Canton Central School, and Lawrence Avenue Elementary School in Potsdam.



 Students display their 3-D models of the mineral halite

Dr. Barry with students