Northern New York Local Section

National Chemistry Week 2016

During National Chemistry Week, Clarkson University’s Research Professor Dana Barry presented a STEM workshop for solving mysteries and problems through chemistry to fifth and sixth graders at St. Mary’s School in Canton, New York. She discussed color-based detective work in regards to car accidents, art forgeries, etc.   The students used chemicals to test various fruit drinks and discovered those that contained real fruit juice versus those that were mostly colored (with pigments) sugar water.  The young detectives prepared and lifted fingerprints from a glass. They studied and analyzed the fingerprints using magnifiers and microscopes. Also they were given supplies (including candy) and asked to creatively prepare a model of DNA.  In addition, Dr. Barry distributed 200 Celebrating Chemistry ACS pamphlets to teachers and students at Edwards –Knox Central School and the local area.

At the same time, the student chapter of ACS at Clarkson University hosted a public outreach event where children and parents learned about carbon fullerenes and were invited to take photos in a buckyball "photo booth.

 Students use chemistry to analyze fruit drinks.

2.  Students use microscopes to study fingerprints.

3.   Student displays her DNA model.

4.  Clarkson ACS chapter hosts buckyball "photo booth."